I am bored

It’s just like any other day.

I get on the treadmill and say to myself I don't want to run  "I am Bored'.

I step into my office and there, I am bored (I can see so many heads nodding right now).

I open my tiffin and see the usual roti sabji and 'I am bored'.

My manager asks me ' Shruti, what happened to you, you looking dull'. Well, Guess what?? ' I am bored'.
She gives me the Tell-me-something-I don't-know look or The-feeling-is-mutual look or.. (her looks are always confusing, trust me).
And then my very happening friend who you can never ever imagine to be bored mails me 'It's just the start of the day and I am bored already'.

It's like a loop which goes on. I am bored, my boyfriends bored, my friends bored, my friend's boyfriends bored, my managers, my manager's manager is bored, etc. You know, the thing. Boredom is contagious in short. Try this. Just say 'I am bored' and see how many responses you get. You'll be surprised.

We, Humans, need constant excitement and adrenaline rush. I feel boredom leads to new and happening things in life. Look at it this way(don't ask me which way now)I was bored, so took to dancing, gymming or shopping (Girls, you agree right!!). A set of new clothes or a pair of new sandals can never let me down. So many movies, music albums would have not released if you and I were not bored. Nightclubs, restaurants, malls, books, etc. are a result of us being bored.

Whatever we have today would have not been possible if our ancestors were not bored. Boredom is actually a boon to mankind. Great discoveries and inventions were made because of this boredom. Scientists like Isaac Newton, Galileo, Albert Einstein, etc were really bored in life and hence came up with superb theories and inventions. Beethoven, Mozart composed brilliant music to curb their boredom. Leonardo da Vinci created masterpieces to occupy himself. People make babies when they get bored. And I am so sure even God was having a very boring day, so created the Universe.

So, if your boss says how come you are always bored, just tell him/her,
When Great people are bored, Great things get created.

P.S - I am not responsible if you are thrown out of your office after saying the above statement.


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